Moving out of state is an exciting experience for most people. However, it comes with its share of headaches. There are many questions you need to ask yourself. Is it better to rent a truck or hire a mover? How do you insure your property during transit? Before you even think about packing, here are a few tips on how to prepare for a move out of state.

how to prepare for a move out of state

How to Prepare for a Move Out of State

Want to learn how to prepare for a move out of state? Some basic tips include calculating costs and to start saving, checking what your employer will cover, decide on what items you’ll be moving and much more. 

Make A Budget and Start Saving

Hotel, gas, shipping and insurance costs can quickly pile up. Add starting utilities and rental security deposits, and it becomes clear you need quite a few upfront expenses to move. Having a savings plan and making a budget will help to cover the costs and smooth the transition. Your property owner may take weeks or even longer to refund your security deposit so don’t rely on it to cover any moving costs.

Check What Your Employer Will Cover

Some companies will cover your costs to relocate, but it’s important to understand exactly what that means. For instance, your employer may reimburse items such as transportation and travel expenses, packing services and shipping costs – if you’re moving specifically for a new job. Consider negotiating during the hiring process and establish whether your employer will cover costs such as temporary storage and housing, realtor assistance, and cancellation fees among others.

Decide What You’re Moving

Take an inventory of all the items you own – especially electronics and bulky furniture- and calculate whether it would be easier to sell the items before moving and use the earnings to replace them once you get to your destination. The idea is to factor in the energy, money and time you might save by not hauling these items.

Plan for Partial-Year State Taxes

When tax time comes around and you’re deducting expenses on your federal tax return, bear in mind that you may have to file two separate tax returns. This is especially the case if you earned income in two different states during the fiscal year – unless you’re moving to or from states such as Washington, Nevada or Texas that don’t collect individual income taxes.

Research Shipping Companies, Movers and Truck Rentals

The most popular ways to transport your belongings across state lines are truck rentals, professional movers and container services that will provide and transport self-storage containers that you’ll fill yourself. Prices can vary drastically so be sure to do some research. Do your due diligence and obtain at least three estimates in order to secure the best deal.

Keep Your Valuables Close

Always remember to keep your priced heirlooms and valuable items with you, whether you’re flying or driving.

Bottom Line

Those are just some of the tips on how to prepare for a move out of state. It’s also important to get insured and update your information as soon as possible. Moving out of state can be overwhelming but if you’re well prepared and start planning the move early enough, you should have an easy time.

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