Moving is stressful as is, but moving to another state can make it even more stressful. It can also become quite costly if you aren’t careful. Because of this, it’s important to prepare and learn how to save money moving out of state.

How to Save Money Moving out of State

How to Save Money Moving out of State

The moving company, packing your things or letting your movers do the packing and the date of moving can greatly affect the cost of moving. Special packaging and the number or total weight of your items will also determine the cost you will end up paying. Listed below are a few tips on how to save money moving out of state; 

Drive Yourself

Most moving companies do not charge per hour for moving across states. However, you can eliminate certain charges like the cost of hiring a driver by driving yourself. Packing your things in boxes will also greatly reduce the overall cost of moving. This does not mean you should do everything yourself; get the movers to load the truck. This will save you on energy needed to drive to your destination. You can also get more out of your cash by getting rid of all unnecessary items. This is because the more things you have, the more expensive it will be. Selling some items will put money in your pocket. 

Hire Moving Boxes 

Purchase or reuse moving boxes you already have. You can also get boxes for free. You can ask around for free boxes from most retailers who have boxes lying around and are willing to give them out. Warehouses and liquor stores are a good place to start. You can also find people giving out free moving boxes online. 

Tax Deductions

If you are moving to a different state for work, you can deduct moving expenses when filing your returns. The cost of renting the truck, the hotel expenses and cost of gas used are the only expenses you can deduct. Make sure you keep all the necessary receipts. 

Scheduling Your Move

Between September and April, the cost of moving is cheaper. You can also get to bargain further compared to the peak moving season between May and August where charges are high and fixed, with very limited room for bargaining. Moving companies also charge more on weekends, public holidays and during end-month. If you decide to drive the truck yourself, hire it well in advance to save up rather than hire it days to the move. 

To Summarize

Above are some effective tips on how to save money moving out of state. You can always get moving cost quotes from various moving companies to compare. Our team here at TopMoving is here to answer all your moving and packing questions. 

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